To My Daughters

I’ll tell you about power:
We are born with the potential
for every daughter we will ever have
embedded like pearls in the dark flesh of our ovaries.
You were already there, in me,
while I was yet curled within my mother, as she was, inside my great-grandmother;
each mother birthing her grandchildren, through her pelvis,
ivory cradles protecting secret worlds within our own seas,
worlds of fierce hearts and minds beyond knowing.
Is there a greater power than holding the entire universe in your belly?
All of Creation? What about our own galaxies pouring forth?
The summoning of all that is love
and alive into our very breasts, our marrow,
our coursing blood, a luminous milky way
so bright it blinds, with all the power and force of life,
heaven meeting earth, giving to those worlds we hold,
that we see in the irises of our daughters’ eyes.

Corey Alicks (2002) in The Art and Soul of Midwifery by Lorna Davies