Viewing your birth story in new light

synnytystaidesessioYour birth story is important and unique – just as unique as you and your baby. More is at stake than the birth of a baby – you are born as a mother.

Birth stories have many layers. They cannot be placed into one small box with the label “empowering” or “disempowering”. Most birth stories have both empowering and disempowering aspects. Most birth stories awaken memories of both joy and relief and anger and disappointment. It’s very common that some aspect of the birth feels disappointing. It’s also common that most or all of the birth was traumatic due to an unwished-for event or outcome.

Let me listen with an open heart to how you were born as a mother. Maybe there are aspects of the birth that you wish had been different, aspects that make you feel sad, anxious or angry. Maybe the birth was very traumatic on many levels. It’s not possible to change what happened during your birth but it is possible to gain new insight, to look at events with new eyes and find a new perspective that perhaps has been hidden so far. It is possible to start a healing process – to turn poison into medicine.

“There is a crack in everything. That’s where the light shines in.” – Leonard Cohen

What to gain from a session? 

  • One or more insights about what happened and a new perspective on the birth story.
  • Relief from emotional suffering & self-judgment.
  • Enhanced sense of self worth.

When to book a session?

Studies show that about three or more weeks after a traumatic event, the individual begins thinking about what happened. It is now that the emotional suffering begins. (Emotional suffering is closely related to negative self-judgments.) Experts on healing post-traumatic stress say the sooner we do our emotional work after the traumatic event, the better. Ideally, birth story sessions would be routinely scheduled after birth, giving every parent and birth attendant an early opportunity to clear out negative beliefs. That said, it’s never too late to have a session.

The session takes place in Alessandra’s office in Parainen, Finland, or over Skype. The session is 60 minutes and your investment is 50€.

Alessandra is a birth doula who regularly attends birth. She has also participated in Birth Story Listening Distance Course with Birthing from Within. She is not a therapist and Birth Story Listening is not therapy.

“Though my initiation into motherhood was 12 years ago, my need for healing certain regrets, shame and inner-conflicts have escalated over the years. A few weeks ago, I discovered a woman in my sister circle, her name is Alessandra Sarelin. She is a gifted Doula who offers Birth Listening Sessions and holds space for women, to listen to their stories of giving birth. She offers a sacred, safe space for them to share, process and heal. I decided to make an appointment with her. She lives in Finland so our session was done via Skype. We began in a quiet, meditative state and Alessandra guided me through questions while I shared what came forth. Some of it was emotional, tears that had been buried for years. Some of it was quite revealing. There were memory recalls that I hadn’t consciously remembered and some I realized were auspicious gifts that I hadn’t been receptive to or able to see and appreciate. It was simple, yet a profound experience. Since our session together, I feel at peace. I feel whole. I feel complete and in acceptance of all that is, as it is. Today, I feel only the blessings. Thank you Alessandra.”               – Charisse Crisci

“I wanted to have a birth story session to sort out any negative charge linked to the birth, especially since I was pregnant for the second time. The first birth was not very upsetting, but the memories were also not positive – I simply avoided thinking about it. It was good to work through the birth with someone who had not been there, especially since we have a tendency to say “that was not too bad, was it?” in my family. The best thing about the session was to have time to go through what happened and to find details that I had not noticed before. The most important insight was that what happened last time is not bound to happen again, and I have the strength to go through this next birth. I liked working with Alessandra, she listened and asked questions that led me to new insights.” – Anna

“The memories from my first birth haunted me during this second pregnancy and it was good to go through the events with the process that Alessandra used. It changed the way I looked at the hard moments in the first birth – it didn’t feel like a failure any longer. I got a new perspective: ”I did it after all!” – Mother, 30 years