Birth doula helps you birth free from suffering

FamilyIt’s natural to want the best start for your baby and for yourselves as new parents. You want to bond with your baby and each other, strengthening your relationship and love. It’s also natural to feel confused about what appears to be many options. You need validation and information that you make the right choices. Maybe you feel anxious about the foreign environment in the maternity ward and the many new faces. Maybe you have fears about the uncontrollable aspects of birth.

21 scientific studies have confirmed that a birth doula can prevent traumatic birth, that it takes years to heal from, and greatly increase the likelihood of a positive, uplifting birth experience and breastfeeding success.

A birth doula is a professional childbirth assistant who offers emotional, spiritual, informational and non-medical physical support, including comfort measures, to the woman and her family during pregnancy, childbirth and the first hours after birth. The support is always adapted to the woman’s specific wishes and preferences. The family and the doula meet during pregnancy to establish a relationship of mutual trust and to prepare for the birth.

Alessa_doula-2What do you gain?

~ Feel fully supported throughout your pregnancy, birth and postpartum. This releases anxiety, fears and prevents depression.

~ Face any fears that come up with the help of transformative practices and gain new insights about birth and life.

~ Find the soft, raw, authentic power of birth – inside yourself. You will carry it with you for the rest of your life.

~ Gain information about options that can have a positive impact on your and baby’s health and well-being and ease your transition into parenting.

~ Understand the difference between pain and suffering.

Labyrinth Doula offers three meetings during pregnancy, continuous support during the birth and one postpartum visit. She is on-call for you two weeks before you due date and until your baby is born. The first meeting is always free of charge. Renting of professional level birth pool for clients only.

Birth is not only one day in your life! Birth stays with you for the rest of your life. Increase the likelihood that you get the birth of your long for and deserve.

“I want to thank for the assistance during birth. I concentrated on your suggestions and “forgot” about the pain. The best part was the continuous support, I felt your presence and support every second. Every woman should have a doula!” – Hannele, first-time mother

“It was good that before, during and after birth there was someone who was supporting me and close to me, but to whom I didn’t have any other relationship. A person that I had a relationship to because of my pregnancy and birth. This relationship was first and foremost for my birth, and for me. I have learned healthy “selfishness” and I wanted a doula for myself, someone who has been trained and who has experience of offering support during birth. It helped me to create my own space, to find my rhythm. It was also good to be able to talk about fears and concerns with the doula before birth, she could offer tools to meet them. My doula was sensitive to me and could pick just the right practices for me.” – Laura, first-time mother