Free yourself from fear of giving birth

Maybe you’ve had a difficult birth or maybe you heard too many horror stories of births that didn’t end well. Or maybe you feel anxious of the unknown and uncontrollable aspects of birth – who wouldn’t? EFT is known as an effective method when suffering from fears or even phobias. There are countless stories about EFT and fear of flying, to name one example. But EFT is not only backed up by success stories – also clinical research has been done, showing that it can reduce PTSD among veterans, depression, facilitate weight loss, pain and physical problems. (For a list of research articles, see here.)

EFT stands for Emotional Freedom Technique. It combines Western phycology and Chinese knowledge about the human energy system. EFT is safe method free from known side-effects and can be used also during pregnancy. While you are talking about any fear, anxiety or stress related to the upcoming birth you’re tapping on acupuncture points in your body, i.e., you’re treating yourself with acupressure. Acupressure is a treatment based on acupuncture, but without needles.

EFT tapping pointsBefore tapping on the acupressure points, you define how intense the negative emotion is. One pregnant woman explained that: “I’m afraid that the natural birthing process is interrupted and our decision-making power is taken from us”. On a scale from 0-10 she landed on an 8 when we started the session. After one round of tapping the intensity was 4-5 and after one more round it was 2-3. After an hour she was much more confident. The fear, which was caused by not being able to visit the maternity ward and not knowing its staff, was still part of her life but it did not dominate her completely. She was able to see new solutions and opportunities. She began to envision her birth in new light.

Another first-time mother described her problem this way: “I’m afraid that I loose control of myself during birth”. During our session other aspects came to the surface: worry about the well being of her baby, and fear that the pain will overwhelm her completely. Fear of loosing control is very common – there is fear about how one will react when in pain, will it be possible to relax at all? In our birth culture control and relaxation is idealized and a “controlled birth” is seen as one without fear or panic. During our EFT-session this woman was able to expand her view of what a normal birth looks like, drop self-judgments, and give herself permission to own any emotion that comes up during birth.

EFT Birth Preparation with Alessandra takes place over Skype. Your investment is 45 € for one session or 120 € for 3 sessions. One session is 60 minutes. Book your EFT Birth Preparation session

“My experience of cooperating with Alessandra was positive and trusting. I hadn’t met Alessandra before but I felt that she understood me and my strange explanations. And although I did all the tapping myself I felt that Alessandra listened and guided me slowing and gently towards the desired outcome. Alessandra has an ability to listen and communicate with people from the very first meeting. I can warmly recommend her also to others. Thank you!” – Elina, first-time mother