Dancing for Birth™

Rock your baby ~ Rock your birth!

Alessandra has offered Dancing for Birth for three years and based on the feedback from the women attending her classes it seems that dancing in a circle of women is a deeply empowering way to prepare for birth and parenthood. You learn how to work with gravity for a shorter and easier birth. You learn moves inspired by Bellydance, African dance, Latin and Caribbean dance. No previous dancing experience is necessary. You can get started during any trimester.

In class we also practice pain coping and mindfulness and learn comfort measures.

‘I’ve had trouble with baby’s descending in previous labors; now I feel I have a tool and more confidence to deal with this.’ 

‘I feel that I have more tools and knowledge to face birth. I found the class really inspiring and useful.’

‘Alessandra is a really warm person, easy-going. Take the class – it’s useful!’ 

‘The course was educational, made me feel calm and reminded me that I’m not alone.’

‘I learned relaxation techniques, dance moves and gained self-confidence.’