Newborn baby right after deliveryBirth without suffering workshop

Is it possible to move through labor and birth free from suffering? In the workshop we will use different practices to explore the difference between pain and suffering. What creates suffering for you?


  • Dancing for Birth – find the rhythm of labor. Rhythm moves labor along and helps you to work with your body.
  • Meditation – a relaxed and non-judgmental mind is key to birth without suffering.
  • Meeting with pain – presence is key to how you experience pain and the intensity of labor.
  • Birth art – find your resources and deepest wisdom.

The workshop is facilitated in Finnish and English by Alessandra Sarelin, PhD and birth doula who has been an emotional and physical support at births for four years. She is also a Dancing for Birth instructor and women’s circle facilitator.

In the workshop you also get tips for pain relief. The workshop is for women only, for couples Alessandra recommends individual sessions.

Time & Place:  Staurday 3 October 2015 at 13-17 @ Ioga Flow, Kalevantie 10, Turku.

Prize: 55 € (includes tea and small snack).



“Birth art gave me peace of mind. I was afraid that my baby would be born too early. In the birth art session with Alessandra I was given a large piece of paper and these fantastic crayons and a task. Then I allowed my hands to fly over the paper without analyzing the process too much. I began to sketch the baby growing in my womb and saw that it was surrounded by spring. Alessandra asked me to look at the drawing again and add one or two more things that it needed. And the baby became a snail that was fast attached to the space around it. I allowed the snail to be born although, at first, it felt a bit upsetting to turn the baby into a snail. Then I got it: snails are not in a hurry! I can trust that this baby is not in a hurry out from the comfortable womb. And that turned out to be true: our boy was born four days after the due date.”

“Great class – I think combining dance & art is perfect; dance opens the body, art does the same for the head!”

“I feel that I have more tools and knowledge to face birth. I found the class really inspiring and useful.”

“Alessandra is a really warm person, easy-going. Take the class – it’s useful!’”

“The course was educational, made me feel calm and reminded me that I’m not alone.’”

“I learned relaxation techniques, dance moves and gained self-confidence.”